Sunday, June 6, 2010

Basic Trading Rules

Trade what u SEE not what u want to BELIEVE.
Identify POSITION, STOP LIMIT and PROFIT level you before trade
after enter the position, PLACE STOP LIMIT and PROFIT LEVEL
If stop limit is triggered, TAKE A BREAK and take it with pride.
REPEAT the trading rules once STOP LIMIT and PROFIT LEVEL are filled.
To be a successful trader, u must OBEY the trading plan and control the EMOTION.
Cut your LOSSES short
Lets your PROFIT run
Add only to WINNERS
Never add to LOSERS

this trading rules will be my guideline for my own FCPO pre - analysis and post - analysis.

no1: cut your losses short
no2. lets your profit run
no3. add only to winners
no4. never add to losers.(or avg down)

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